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Prime Time

It’s getting close to priming! We’re about done with the first part of the horizontal stabilizer, and the instructions are calling for priming. Exciting! Well, in a gut-wrenching, nervous kinda way. So, I’ve never spray painted anything before, unless you … Continue reading

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EAA Builder’s Log

I’ll be using the EAA’s Builder’s Log to document the build of our RV-7. I was considering writing one myself (and still may do that), but once I found out that the EAA already has one, so I’ll be starting … Continue reading

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Let the Madness Commence!

And off we go! Today we started the practice project! The final blocker for us going is now resolved…I finally bought a compressor. I’d been waiting on someone I know to get me the specs on theirs, which they wanted … Continue reading

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To Prime or Not To Prime…That is the Question

There are a bunch of decisions that have to be made when you start an airplane-building project, other than what it is you’re going to build. Things like where to build it? What timeline do you want to try to … Continue reading

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Tools, Part One

Alright… so, we’ve decided on a Vans RV-7 kit, and now it’s time to start picking up the tools we’ll need to start building it! The preview plans has a list of “recommended tools” for the builder. In that list, … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

Okay. So, all projects have to have a first step…beyond the decision to start the project! Ours started on the Vans Aircraft website, poring over the different plans and options, looking at the requirements and FAQs. Where to start?? As … Continue reading

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