New tools in prep for the wings

While we wait the 6-8 weeks for the wing kit to arrive, I’m trying to make sure we have all the tooling we’ll need, in advance. In this order, a longer back rivet set, and a hand-held back-rivet plate!

I watched a video where the builder back-riveted the wing skins on in order to get a smoother finish, especially across the top of the wings. What a great idea! I asked him where he got his hand-held back-rivet bucking bar, and he mentioned Cleaveland Tools. They usually have very good quality stuff, and no exception this time!

The bucking bar is wrapped in special oil-impregnated paper in order to slow any corrosion. Here’s what it looks like out of it’s wrapper:

For now, it’s back to finishing up the rudder and elevators. I don’t think we’ll have them completed by the time the wing kit arrives, but we’re going to try!

Here’s the video I referenced:

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