Utah 2021 – Tracy to Meetup!

All set to go!

After figuring out how and where we were going to meet up, we pulled off towards Santa Nella Village, which I was familiar with from all my years of driving to Camp Roberts with the Army for weekend training. It had a few stores and gas stations, and a large staging area we could easily find each other at. So, we all turned on Find Friends on our iPhones so that we could see each other on the map and headed out.

By the way, here’s the route we’re taking to get there. Street miles it’s about 700 each way, so that’s what we’ll put on the trailer (all told, the Pilot picked up 1580 miles, which accounts for the day trips, etc).

The route to Zion

We’ll be taking the “south” route, down around most of the major granite between here and there. We figured on 3 days travel, based on what Dad and Gail said was their average travel day. Breaking the route roughly into thirds, that means our first stop will be somewhere around Bakersfield. Second stop will land somewhere around Las Vegas, then the third day was a short hike over the border into Utah.

We made it to Santa Nella a little late, but fortunately dad and Gail (and dogs) did not have to wait too long. It was really cool to meet up with them once again in California! First time in our RVs! I forgot to take pictures, probably because I was excited.

We didn’t hang out long, just long enough to say hi and check out our rigs before heading out.

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