Back at Lake Mead

We arrived back at Lake Mead just before 2pm on our way back home. It was much warmer this time…a fiery 90 degrees! To make things worse, we got a site up above the “lakeside” one we had earlier, with no shade in sight! That’s okay, tho. It’s just a quick overnight

After setting up we decided to head out and explore. We started at the Lake Mead visitor center. Really nice place (and air conditioned to boot!). There were some great displays, and we got our National Parks passport stamped!

Next up was some geocaching. We started with a guide-type cache at the visitor center, which was pretty easy. Next we went into Boulder City where Sheila found a tricky one hidden inside a lamp post. The last one was for me the best, because it was at a railroad museum!

The cache was inside a stop block at the end of line. After we found it, we looked around a bit. Looks like this railroad offers train rides on pedal-powered rail cars…how cool!

Once we had our fill of geocaches, we headed back and checked out North Beach at Lake Mead before turning in for the evening.

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