Hello world!

After many years of dreaming, analyzing, doubting and procrastinating, it’s finally happened. We bought an RV. In doing so, we’ve also started a journey of making memories on wheels.

The strange thing about our transition to the “lifestyle” was how quickly it came about. I have a manila folder tagged “RV Info”. Inside are flyers and pull sheets from at least 2 dozen different RVs, some dating back to 2012. We’ve been to many shows over the years since, living the dream in our minds as we walked among huge class A motorhomes with fancy tile and giant TVs, fireplaces, Captain’s Chairs and kitchen islands. We knew that in order to obtain any of these monsters, we’d need a tow vehicle that could pull it, and they cost at least double the price of the 5th-wheel and travel trailers we liked!

Up to this point, all we had was a 2009 Honda Pilot, which could pull up to 4,500 pounds. I remember the day we got it we had the choice to accept what was on the lot or wait a couple months for one to be shipped. We chose the former option, but ended up with an added bonus–this particular Pilot had the Tow Package installed! This included an extra radiator and other tow-related things. It wasn’t until later that the value became clear.

Sometime last month, I was bitten again by the RV bug. I don’t know what brought it on, but I found myself digitally thumbing through the pages of RV Trader looking for lightweight travel trailers, and in doing so, reinforce the fantasy of owning one at some point.

Up to now I was pretty much hooked on the Lance line of ultra-light trailers. Their sleek, comfy design was perfect for a couple like us, however over the years they’ve continued to increase in price until it flew beyond my reach.

I pressed on, looking for other trailers that might meet both my expectations on price sanity while staying strictly on the diet that the Pilot proscribed. That’s when I came across the Coachment Apex Nano. I quickly zeroed in on a model that strick a chord (the 191rbs). I even found one for sale up in Oregon.

I was intrigued. The price was, well, affordable and the layout looked a lot like the Lance. However, I wasn’t particularly excited at the prospect of driving 8 hours (or flying 2) in order to just *look* at the thing, let alone buy it. Besides, it was used, and for some reason I attached a weird stigma to that fact. Nonetheless, I emailed the seller and started asking some questions.

Two weeks later I was becoming crestfallen. I wanted to see it, but I didn’t want to travel that far. Then alas, miracle of miracles…one was listed in the Bay Area, just 1.5 hours away!