Back at the Orange Grove

The oranges are still not ripe.

We left Lake Mead this morning at 11, and made it to Bakersfield at 5:30 Cali time. We’re at site 12 this time. Not a bad place. Everything is closed, but tomorrow we may check out their nice club house.

Dinner was tilapia and broiled veggies. On the way here we passed the Ivanpah solar farm again, and Sheila took some pics. Here are some placeholders I took on the iPhone.

All three towers online today. Here’s one.

The hitch was creaking really badly the other day, so I added some grease to both this morning and it made all the difference. I do need to buy a small grease gun to lube the trunnions properly.

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Programmer, Pilot/Builder and Amateur Radio enthusiast living in the Bay Area of California.
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