Can you tell which way the wind is blowing?  The red soil here is beautiful in contrast to the green green grass. 

The buildings are in Oklahoma City. And the gorgeous campsite is where we will spend two days this year and hope to get a few people to join us for a week next year. Okemah State Park is hidden and not advertised anywhere on the road. It is 8 miles north of 40 E. It will take three days or two long days to get here but at $18 a night for seniors (21) for youth 🤪 we will make the trip. Kayaking, paddle boarding and fishing heaven!

 And of course our little lady who is in and out of the water is taking a break. Black spot in front of her is Darcy. 

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Found a blooming cactus! Some landscapes and a dog with his new “baby”. 
Got a quick picture of cowboys herding the cows on horseback. So many these days use 4 wheelers. 

The wind turbines are everywhere. To a snapshot of some information. Read more if interested. 
On To OK!!!!!!

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Last day in Arizona!

Cindy and I had a busy day. At the ranch at 8:00 to saddle up. I rode her horse , Moriah, and she rode a friends horse and the friend rode her other horse. The three of us went down in the wash, which didn’t get filled this year because the rainy season never happened. Great exercise for the horses. Like running in the loose sand at the beach. 

After cooling down and grooming the horse, we went back to her place. Ed was waiting with the dogs. After a while Cindy laid down and I went to the pool. Fell asleep on the lawn chair. Came back, had an early dinner, ed and I got the truck gassed and Cindy fed a friends cat. We met at the ranch next to where our camper is and enjoyed the evening. I called Mrs. Devericks so she and Cindy could catch up!! (One of the coaches at our college). A bunch more people came to where we were sitting and we all chatted for about 1/2 hour the we retired to the camper to get ready for the long trek home. Lots of dog pics today and the mountains that Cindy get to see every day!!!! 

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Arizona, Day 2

Had a great day with a sorority sister!!  Went hiking up to a waterfall at a resort,  swimming and lots of reminiscing and looking at year books. Tomorrow we start with horseback riding then maybe swimming again and ending the day having a simple dinner sitting outside at her horses ranch with her two dogs, our three and up to 5 from the ranch.

Cindy’s two and our three hit it off immediately. So glad. The difficult part here is that we need to watch for rattle snakes and coyotes, especially because of Darcy. They could run away with her!

It’s fun seeing the cactus and palm trees! Again a different landscape. I would miss grass!!!!!!!  They missed their rainy season this year do all the washes are dry. The mountains that you see in the background were burning earlier this year. The fancy high up houses were evacuated. The fire did not come all the way down luckily.  
Cindy has outdone herself with feeding us!! Filets the first night and turkey chili tonight. Eating simple tomorrow before we get on the road on Fri. 

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Left New Mexico behind. Lots of beautiful scenery again. The picture with the windmills does not due justice to the thousands of solar panels in the same area.
Arizona is the headquarters for Amazon. The next pic is an airplane graveyard next to an Air Force base in Tucson city limits. Our campsite is on a horse ranch where the dogs have lots of room to run (after we check for rattle snakes and coyotes). Have no fear for the baron land because we will be spending our days at Cindy’s, a sorority sister, and the last pic is her backyard.

Hope all are well. Heading home after this stop.

Caption your photos here!
Arizona is the headquarters for Amazon
Cindy’s backyard
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Our Campground

This is the side for the campground (duh) with doggie pics for Irene. I couldn’t stay outside for the rest of the sunset because I was literally attacked by mosquitos. I couldn’t run but kept swatting. Before I left where I was to get the picture, I had about 15 on my right leg. You figure out what the rest of the sunset should look like!!!!!

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