Oregon – Day 8

Leaving the Oregon coast. 😢. Had a great time with Dave and Christine Carter. I got to ride the dunes with David. Scared at first,thought we were going to fall backwards off the dune buggy (Razor). After I relaxed I had loads of fun. The next trip I had Brandi on my lap. She loved it. This time David took me to the ocean (through the dunes) and Brandi got out snd acted like s puppy. She loved the sand. Later Ed and I drove the truck and three dogs to a turn off and had to climb a dune (three stops for breath) snd down the other side.   The dogs ran right into the water. Had to keep an eye on them because of the undertow. Smoki wanted to go further out but was a good girl and came back when we called. 

Dave and Christine have two dogs, both part Aussie snd when we turned them loose they hearded Smoki at a full run. Good exercise for all!!!!

Right now we are in Redding CA. Watching the smoke from a large fire. Christines sister was evacuated and might loose her house. Hope not. Helicopters are flying back and forth, probably from Lake Shasta, filling buckets to drop on the fires. A little smoky where we are but not too bad. 94 degrees. Last night we had the heat on. On to Oakland tomorrow!

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