Night out

My coworker and I were invited out for dinner by our host group. It was another opportunity to enjoy the cuisine and capture a little bit more of the culture. The food was very good and our hosts and us had a very interesting conversation about India, cultural differences and travel.

I really couldn’t tell where the restaurant was in respect to my hotel or the office, since it blended in well with the landscape, as does most every other business. The street was busy and loud, the buildings holding a vast mixture of different types of business, scaffolding here and there, and lots of small carts and auto rickshaws buzzing by.

The interior was quite unique. It was a buffet-style restaurant, with a couple tables built in to “re-purposed” auto rickshaws. In the center of the buffet line was a huge living tree that reached it’s canopy out over the serving line. It was very modern and elegant, and everyone enjoyed the evening.

There were some interesting murals on the wall. Here, you’ll have to see for yourself…

Chicken Man


Buffet line



Rickshaw table




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