Second night in Hyderabad

Yesterday was productive. We met the team, discussed goals and…well, work stuff.

But this blog isn’t about work stuff.

So the first non-work thing was lunch, which was *at* work, but not really *about* work. It was about trying the culinary delights of India!

The local cafeteria is huge, and the area we were in had 3 venues. One Indian chain called “4 Seasons”, a Subway sammich shop and a Dominos pizza. Although my brain chose pizza right away, telling me “duh, that was easy”, I opted to try the local fare. So, I had chicken biryani, which is basically a coupe pieces of chicken and some rice, plus a small salad of carrots and cucumbers, and a tasty cucumber desert. It was quite good and spicy. I’m glad they provided the cucumber. It acts as the dishes “cooling agent”.

The ride back to the hotel was, once again, like a scary movie that you’re cast in where there are no stunt doubles. I’ve taken to looking out the side window as opposed to front window for the same reasons I mentioned earlier. I managed to snap some more pictures of traffic and the goings-on en-route. In fact, here’s a short movie…

Hyderabad Traffic

The hotel was busy when I returned, and I finally made the connection that there is a convention center directly adjacent to the hotel. I walked around a bit and heard what appeared to be some live-music concert. There were several events going on, including an outdoor dinner buffet. I walked a bit outside, still on the hotel grounds, and just enjoyed the evening air. Not too warm, not too chilly. Looking up I noticed the Orion constellation, which was weird because I also see it from California. Maybe not now, tho. I have to check when I get back.

By now I was getting tired, so I headed back to the room. On the way I found the “Premier Lounge”, to which I was told I have access. So after grabbing the copy of the SF Chronicle I grabbed from the airport, I walked over and actually relaxed for a bit. Snacks and coffee were served, and the atmosphere was excellent. I’ll definitely return in the evenings. It beats sitting in the room watching TV.

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