Work day #1

So far everything is going swell.

I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to get to the office today, but the fine folks at Novotel had a car waiting for me, and outside of me not having the proper office address, everything went smoothly.

Our sponsors here have been great, and I had a chance to meet the “offshore” staff whilst “onshore”, which was my top goal. It’s always good to put faces to email addresses, and to have the chance to collaborate real-time as opposed to “near real-time”.

The campus is beautiful. I’d love to go around taking pictures, but it expressly says I can’t do that on my visitor badge. Ah well, I’m sure there are plenty on-line already.

I’m looking forward already to eplxoring and relaxing at Novotel this evening. The plan is to hit the gym for a bit. I’m tempted to jump in the pool after dark and relax, but now I’m worrying more about the large, and I mean LARGE, pond out behind the hotel property. I just barely got my vaccinations in time for the trip and I really don’t want to put them to the test if I can avoid it.

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