Rise and shine! Kinda

So the plan was to get 6-7 hours of sleep, to help reset my internal clock. The clock obviously doesn’t like that idea, so I’m up at 7:15, and try as I might to force myself to stay in what was an extremely comfortable bed, I was compelled to get up and scope out the view. The clock was not slighted!
I figured as long as I was awake of take a shower. The bathroom was cavernous (I’m at the JW Marriot) and had one of those overhead rainfall showers. I really like them…might have to consider a home retrofit.
Breakfast was delicious, and although I had a choice of local-style, Asian or Indian fare, I played it safe (chickened out) and opted for a tasty omelet, potatoes, mushrooms and thick slabs of “turkey bacon”. I’m not convinced turkeys were used at all it’s creation. Delicious none the less!
After this I have until 1pm to hang out, so I’ll drop by the concierge and see if there are tours to the Birj.


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