Life at 30k feet

I’ve gotta say, it’s not so shabby. Hot face towel, glass of champagne, bowl of warm mixed nuts…and we haven’t even taken off yet!
So let me paint the scene. I’m sitting in business class seat 7K, which is nicely nestled against the right bulkhead of the plane. I’ve been playing with the myriad toys that Emirates provides, including an adjustable seat with massage, multi-function tablet that controls the entertainment center and aforementioned seat, and a rather old-school looking phone handset, complete with tether!
I was hoping that there would be wifi on the flight, alas I can’t see any. The ancient handset is supposed to provide SMS and email. Well, I have 15 hours to figure it out.
Entertainment is abundant, which makes sense given the duration I the flight. Fifteen-hundred channels to pick from! That’s about 4 times worse than cable! I’m watching Thor, the movie, again. Later I may try an Arabic one. After dinner.
Oh, and dinner is, by the way, as abundant as the movie channels. Five courses, if I counted correctly. I’m not even that hungry, but what the heck! How often do you get to enjoy a 5-course meal?

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