Goodbye, sweet Splanky

Last night we said goodbye to our little Splanky. He’s our little warrior…our little goofball…our little furry folker. He was born in July 2009. One of my coworkers had some kittens he was trying to find a home for, and we went over and picked him from the remaining 2…the runt of the litter. We wanted a companion for Sophie, our other cat. They never really did develop a brotherly bond, but Sophie tolerated him…for us, I’m sure. The two of them mean worlds to us.

He succumbed to cancer at 10pm, as we tried to rush him to the emergency vet. We both knew this was coming. We both knew it’d be hard, but like many things in life, you can’t gauge the pain until you feel it. Fucking cancer…I hate you. This is our second pet that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge within the last year. Sophie (short for Sophacles because I thought he was a she at first, and the name just stuck) left us last July. That’s all I want to say about that. I miss them both tremendously.

Fly swiftly, sweet Splanky, to the arms of the Lord. Sophie is waiting for you, and we’ll see you both again after this world of pain has passed.

Super Elastic cat

Practicing his art of being adorable

His first day at his new home

This had to be his most adorable moment

Splanky was obsessed with shoes

Splanky loves his brother

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