Facebook and ad accountability

This week I decided to take the bait and “boost” one of our company’s posts on Facebook. The interface is quite intuitive, and I was allowed to budget how much money I spend for having Facebook market my post. I chose $5, and was given a range of 497-1300┬álocal┬ápeople, which is great for us. So, I went ahead and started the process. The ad was to run for three days.

However, I didn’t really notice that much activity. We ended up “reaching” only 97 people, which was pitiful when you look at the purported numbers given.

So, I rated their “boost” at 1 star out of five, and left them some feedback:

You gave me a range for the money I spent on promoting my ad. The results were WELL below this estimate. You’re not really giving me much incentive to use your ad service. There has to be some sort of accountability on Facebook’s behalf. You need to either refund me the percentage of my cost based on the actual performance of your marketing (so, refund me $4), or you need to keep the ad running at least until it meets the minimum estimate. Otherwise, what’s to say you couldn’t promise a reach of 10,000, and then just saying “tough luck” upon reaching say, only 100. I get that it’s an estimate, but with no accountability for missing it, it’s a terrible deal for me as a seller.

I thought it was a reasonable argument. What do you think? I’m curious if I’ll hear back from them.

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