Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2015!

I like to approach the new year as a chance to reset expectations, set some long-term goals and to be able to put behind me all the less-than-favorable events that may have occured.

This year I’d really like to attack some of the resolutions I’ve had on the list for a while now. Most notably is getting back to education. Online schools are everywhere now, and I’d like to take advantage of my evenings to further my knowledge.

Here are some of the things I’m looking to finish, or at least get started, this year:

  • Start an online education plan
  • Get back to flying, and finish my IFR rating
  • Earn my Amateur Radio Extra rating
  • Get more involved in Emergency Services (radio)
  • Improve my fitness/health

Some other things I’d like to accomplish, but aren’t really “resolution” material, is that I’d like to buy an RV trailer, work on genealogy and travel more.

I hope this year sees some global improvement, especially on the geopolitical front. Russia, the MIddle East, North Korea and China have all been worrying me these past couple years. With the rise of ISIS, the surprising increase in Chinese spending on military infrastructure, Russia’s brazen coup in Crimea and the increase of religious violence, the world stage has been shaky at best.

On the local political front, I’ll worry about the possibility of the Republicans gaining the White House in two years. For now, I’m hoping that the Lame Duck congress won’t completely undermine progress. I’ll file that desire under “pipe dreams”.

Here in Tracy, I look forward to a year of more work on the house. We’ve been thinking about what to do next, and the possibilities include back yard landscaping, a kitchen remodel and a large homebuilt office project (wall-to-wall built-in library!).

As for personal projects, I’d love to build up a home cockpit for IFR practice, and also for flying the DCS sim, some more goodies for the ham radio station, and at least ONE completed iOS app for my portfolio.

Best wishes to all!

About Michael Carter

Programmer, Pilot/Builder and Amateur Radio enthusiast living in the Bay Area of California.
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