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Jazz rocks

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So I’m sitting here driving back home and listening to Vince Guaraldi playing Christmastime is Here, and I have to say, that man was a brilliant and magical composer. I never really had the chance to study music theory, but you know if I do find the opportunity to really sit down and really study how jazz should be played, I will definitely List him among those musicians that I really would want to pattern my style, he’s brilliant!

Cell phones for cash

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So I’m down here at the mall shopping for Christmas. And I came across a new box in the middle of the mall, and the premise is fairly simple. Dropping your used so phone and get cash. So I think this is probably a very dangerous thing to have around. Imagine a common thief, who can just spend it’s time walking up around the mall pickpocketing people’s cell phones. After punching a phone, he just drops it in the box and gets money. There is no accountability, no checking to see if the phone is stolen or not, and apparently no way to track down who sold the phone. This is really a bad idea. I hope that the people who are interested in deploying this kind of box will think twice about it.