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Selesnya Aggro deck

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So here’s a deck I’m trying to fill out:

Selesnya Aggro
Jackson Cunningham

Pro Tour Magic 2015
Type II

Main Deck:
3 Boon Satyr
4 Experiment One
4 Fleecemane Lion
3 Loxodon Smiter
3 Soldier of the Pantheon
2 Sunblade Elf
4 Voice of Resurgence

4 Advent of the Wurm
3 Banishing Light
3 Selesnya Charm

8 Forest
4 Mana Confluence
8 Plains
4 Temple Garden

1 Ajani Steadfast
2 Ajani’s Presence
4 Setessan Tactics
4 Skylasher
4 Unflinching Courage

316 Collectibles FTW!

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So far I’ve been to32 M:TG sources for cards and such: Target, Champion Sports and Game Kastle.

Today I’ve discovered the motherlode!

I bought my first cards as a boxed set from Target (2015 Core Set Deck Builder Toolkit). But, Target is Target, and so they really don’t cater to gamers. I think it was absolutely brilliant for Wizards to get them signed on as a distributor. They have just enough to whet your appetite.

Then by accident I came across Champion Sports at Tracy mall. They had moved from Stockton, and have a decent amount of single cards). I’d guesstimate around 2000.

I found Gaming Kastle here in Fremont from an internet search. They have some booster boxes and accoutrement, but a measly amount of single cards (maybe 300).

Today I found out that there is another local game store at Fremont mall. My jaw dropped when I walked in! Thousands of single cards, scads of boosters, and lots of Legacy stuff!

I wasn’t prepared to buy, and was actually quite intimidated by the sheer enormity of their selection. What made matters worse is the staff, who were really quite helpful, asked what I was looking for. D’oh!

Fortunately I had started a Need/Want list using on of the M:TG iphone apps and asked for a couple Kamigawa commons and uncommons. Then the staffer pointed me towards the higher quality cards!

316 uses current trading prices for their Collectibles, and fortunately I had an app that had tallied the low, average and high prices for cards. I found a Garruk Wildspeaker for $10, and though a tad over average, I was more excited to add my first Planeswalker to my collection! I also picked out a few cool CHK cards (Kamigawa), and rounded out my purchase with a couple more Dragon’s Maze boosters.

I fear this game could quickly become a hobby!